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   At Nelson Adams our products meet the needs of today’s multipurpose room functions, whether they be cafeteria rooms, classrooms, conference rooms or for exterior use. We have the product that best suits your needs; by providing industry leading seat design and customizable options, our tables provide maximum seating capacity with minimum storage space and our visual display board’s selection provides a product with the highest quality in manufacturing today.

   Our products are made with the highest quality material and latest technology, constantly improving to satisfy and comply with our customers’ needs. Nelson Adams manufactures all parts using advance machinery such as laser cutters, CNC routers and precision benders to avoid minimum defects and malfunctions.

   At Nelson Adams our number one goal is to build excellent products with the best quality and price available today, making them the most affordable systems throughout the United States today. Our in-wall tables and benches are easy, functional & extraordinary. The Table and Bench line together with our Visual Display Board line are 100% made in the United States with our headquarters located in California, contributing to our native state by buying from local suppliers.

   Nelson Adams was established in 1953 and since has gone through multiple ownership changes; in 1992 Nelson Adams was acquired by the Lawer family to be purchased 7 years later by PolyVision (May 1999). And fi nally in 2012 Nelson Adams became a self owned corporation.
As of this day, Nelson Adams is still working hard every day expanding their product line to offer more efficient and affordable products that meet today’s demands and economic situation.


Functional,Easy,Extraordinary,The Best Way to Optimize Your Space!
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