Nelson Adams NACO


NELSON ADAMS’ Visual Display Boards create instant teaching and communication centers. We offer a variety of custom configurations and colors that allow you to easily display instructional material, class work, or important reminders. All of our display boards are custom made to your size specifications so you don’t have to worry about a board being too big or too small. We offer Teaching Walls, Markerboards, Chalkboards, Dry Erase Wallcovering, Tackboards, Bulletin Boards and Horizontal Sliding Markerboards.




Porcelain Steel Face: is made with materials 100% produced in the USA. We offer it in a magnectic low gloss Standard White Porcelain and Black Porcelain.

Anodized Aluminum Construction: Reinforce edges proven to be safe & durable. Using Aluminum for our Frames and Markertray's allow for our boards to be heavyduty and lightweight.

Custom Sizing: We allow you to customize your boards to any size you might want. Call us and find out if our custom sizing meets your needs.

Heavyduty Mounting System: Our mounting anchor systems are proven to hold up; Markerboards, Tackboards and Sliding Markerboards.

Casing/Support: is made from the best wood and metal available; our teaching wall encasement is made from Particle Board. Our Mobile Markerboards Steel is manufactured in the USA.

Casework Laminate: Our laminates are offered in a wide assortment provided by Wilson Art to help customize your space and to match the already existing casework.