Nelson Adams NACO



1.01 Description Of Work 
A. Section includes: 
1. Porcelain Enamel Steel Markerboards 
2. Tackboards 
3. Sliding Marker Boards Units 
4. Movable Marker Boards 
5. Field Applied Trim 
1.02 Referenced Standards 
A. American Society for Testing Materials 
1. ASTM E84 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics for Building Materials 
2. ASTM B221 Standard Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Extruded Profiles 
B. Porcelain Enamel Institute 
1. PEI-1002 Manual and Performance Specifications for E3 Porcelain Enamel Writing Surfaces 
1.03 Submittals 
A. Shop Drawings: Provide shop drawings for each type of visual display board required 
B. Product Data: Provide technical data for materials specified. Will include MSDS sheets when applicable. 
C. Samples and color cards: Provide Manufacturer’s color charts and composition samples of face, core, backing, and trim where required. 
D. Installation instructions: Manufacturer shall provide installation instructions. 
1.04 Quality Assurance 
A. Manufacturer shall be actively manufacturing visual display boards in the USA. 
B. Regulatory Requirements: Conforms to applicable code for flame and smoke rating in tackboards in accordance with ASTM E84 
C. Operation and Maintenance: Manufacturer to include instructions on regular cleaning and removal of stains 
1.05 Project Requirements 
A. Field measure before shop drawings and manufacturing to guarantee a correct fit. 
B. Site to observe Manufacturer’s recommendation to acclimate the installation area for moisture and temperature to normal operating temperatures 
1.06 Storage and Delivery 
A. Schedule delivery of visual display products allowing for sufficient workings space to allow the boards to installed upon delivery. 
B. Store products in original packaging until ready for installation. 
C. Store all packages from weather conditions and temperature and humidity levels suggested by the manufacturer 
1.07 Warranty 
A. Submit a guarantee that Nelson Adams P3 ceramic steel markerboard is guaranteed for the life of the building. Guarantee covers replacement markerboards, but does not include removal or re-installing the replacement board. 
B. Submit a guarantee that Nelson Adams tackboards are guaranteed for one year against defects in materials and workmanship. This guarantee does not include: normal wear and usage, improper handling, misuse, vandalism or abuse. Guarantee covers replacement tackboards, but does not include removal or re-installing the replacement board. Writing surface has lifetime warranty. 


Part 2 – Product Definition

2.01 Manufacturers 

A. Nelson Adams/NACO, 160 N. CACTUS AVE RIALTO CA 92376. 
B. Telephone: 877-810-4080; Fax: 909-879-7687; 


2.02 Material for Markerboard Panels

 A. Writing surface face sheet – Manufactured in accordance with E3 Porcelain Enamel Institute’s specification. 
1. Surface shall be enameling grade cold rolled steel manufactured from a minimum of 30% recycled material
A. 3 coat process includes: 
* Bottom Ground Coat 1.5 – 2.2 mils
* Top Ground Coat – 2.0 – 2.8 mils 
* Top Cover Color Coat – 3.0 – 4.0 mils 
2. Firing temperature: Enamel shall be fired at lowest possible temperature to reduce steel and porcelain stress and achieve superior enamel and hardness

3. Color: As selected by architect from manufacturer’s standards. Color charts will be provided upon request. 
B. Writing surface core 
1. 1/2” or per specs, medium density fiberboard/particleboard composed of 90% recycled material 
2. 1/2” or per specs Duracore (if required) manufactured from 100% recycled wood fiber. Duracore does not contain added formaldehyde resins 
C. Writing surface backing 
1. Moisture barrier back 
2. Foil back 
3. Aluminum sheet back 
D. Factory framed markerboards 
1. Face sheet: Porcelain enamel steel markerboard 
2. Core material: Specify 1/2”or per specs, particleboard/ fiberboard. 
3. Backing: Specify aluminum sheet back size 
4. Panel size: Specify writing surface panel length and height, and for combo units tackboard panel length and height 
5. Color: Specify colors from manufacture’s standard color selections. Color charts will be provided on request 
2.03 Material for Tackboard Panels 
A. Natural cork: Natural cork (without burlap backing) on ¼’' or per specs hardboard/fiberboard back
B. Fabric cork: Vinyl fabric on cork underlay with ¼” or per specs, hardboard/fiberboard back 
C. Custom fabric: Polyester fabric on cork underlay with ¼’ or per specs hardboard/fiberboard back 
D. Nucork: Composed of ¼” or per specs thick self healing, burlap backed cork laminated to a ¼” or per specs hardboard/fiberboard 
E. Colors: Select from manufacturer’s standard color selections 
F. Thickness: Thickness of core and covering is 1/2” or per specs. 
G. Factory framed tackboards 
1. Tack surface: Specify Natural cork, fabric cork, custom fabric, or Nucork. 
2. Panel size: Specify tack surface panel height and length, and for combo units writing surface panel height and length 
Panel color: Specify colors from manufacture’s standard color selections. Color charts will be provided on request 
2.04 Horizontal Sliding Markerboards Unit 
A. Provide Horizontal Sliding Units with Markerboards, Chalkboards and/or Tackboards for project from manufacturer Series. 
1. Metal trim and accessories: Aluminum extrusions with clear satin anodized finish. 
2. Top Guide Channel by Nelson Adams Naco or Equal. 
3. Chalktray: Standard continuous solid chalktray with ribbed section and smoothly curved ends. 
4. Map rail: Standard 2" or 1" high continuous rail with colored cork insert as follows: 

a) End stops: One pair per map rail. 
b) Map hooks: One every 2' of map rail.

c) Roller brackets: One pair per map rail. 

d) Flag holder: One per room. 

B. Sliding Markerboard, Chalkboard 

and/or Tackboard Panels:



1. Frame: Standard channel frame with 3/4" face. 
2. Nylon Rollers: Two per panel up to 4' wide and three per panel up to 8' wide. 
3. Nylon Guides: Two per panel up to 4' wide and three per panel up to 8' wide. 
4. Finger Pulls: One pair per sliding panel. 
C. Fixed Back Markerboard, Chalkboard or Tackboard Panel. 

1. Size: As shown on drawings. 
2. Color: As selected from manufacturer’s standard colors 
2.05 Movable Markerboards 
1. Porcelain Steel Writing Surface with Lifetime Warranty 
2. Tackable surfaces available in Colored Cork, Natural Cork, Vinyl and Fabric 
3. Revolving model allows panel to be flipped over 
4. Aluminum Frame 
5. Full length Aluminum Chalktray with Polished Radius Ends 
6. Fully welded steel frame with Powder Coated Finish 
7. Non-marring heavy duty casters 
8. Aluminum finished in Clear Satin Anodized 
9. Made in USA 
2.06 Aluminum Trim 
A. Trim shall be 6063 alloy grade aluminum with T5 tempering in accordance with ASTM-B221, and shall have 201-R1 satin anodized finish

1. Factory trim: Screw on aluminum trim 
a. Length: Specify 
b. Finish: Specify 
A. Accessories 
1. Marker tray 
a. Standard continuous, solid blade type aluminum tray with ribbed section and injection molded end closures at bottom of each markerboard 
b. Standard continuous box type aluminum tray with injection molded end closures at bottom of each markerboard 
2. Map Rail 
a. Standard continuous 1” map rail with cork insert and end stops at the top of each markerboard 
b. Optional continuous 2” map rail with cork insert and end stops at the top of each markerboard 
a. Map hooks: One map hook provided for every two feet of map rail on factory framed units 
b. Roller brackets: Specify number required 
c. Flag holders: Specify number required


Part 3 – Execution

3.01 Project Conditions

A. Verify before installation that interior moisture and temperature are normal occupied conditions

B. Verify that wall surfaces are true and plumb are prepared to receive boards

3.02 Installation

A. Deliver factory built materials completely assembled and of dimensions shown in detail and in accordance with manufacturer’s show drawings approved by architect

B. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for storage and handling of units prior to installation

C. Do not install boards on damp walls or in dam or humid weather without climate control in the facility

D. Install units level and plumb, keeping perimeter trim straight in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation

3.03 Adjustment and cleaning

A. Verify that all accessories are installed as detailed for each unit

B. At completion of work, clean surfaces and trim in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations, leaving units ready for use.

Nelson Adams reserves the right to vary specifications consistent
with a policy of continuous product improvement.