Nelson Adams NACO / Architectural products design studio

General Information

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Adriana Luna

Receptionist Ext. 300

Project Management Team

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Cecy Rojas

Project Manager Ext. 305
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Erika Torres

Project Manager Ext. 320
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Sayra Mojica

Project Manager Ext. 301

Estimating Team

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Franky Perez

Estimator / Specialties Manager Ext. 309
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Karla Aguilar

Quotes and Parts Estimator Ext. 306
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Art Lara

Estimating Ext. 316

Human Resources and Accounting Team

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Adriana Zendejas

Accounting Manager Ext. 315
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Karina Paredes

Accounts payable and Human Resources Ext. 315

Legal Department

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Jessica Rangel

Contracts Ext. 318

Architectural Department

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Albert Cardenas

Architectural specialties Manager Ext. 302

Operations and Engineering / Scheduling Team

Luis Vega

Operations Manager Ext. 303
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Denise Lizarraga

installation, billing and scheduling Ext. 319
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Executive Team

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Rafael Rangel

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Patricia Flores

General Manager