Nelson Adams NACO / Architectural products design studio


Our Company

Nelson Adams was established in 1953 since has gone through multiple ownership changes in 1992 Nelson Adams was acquired by the Lawer family to be purchased 7 years later by the PolyVision Group in May 1999 and finally in 2012 Nelson Adams became a self owned corporation. We still continue with the same tradition providing high quality products and improving some of our designs. Nelson Adams has an in house powder coating shop and a tack wall panel shop with these additional shops we're able to streamline  and reduce some of the lead times compared to some our competitors. In 2017 Nelson Adams started with a clean sheet paper and we proceeded to streamline processes and cross-train new personnel in different areas to be able to identify their strengths. We have put together a team that has the knowledge and the know how to produce some of the best product in the industry. Since Nelson Adams was previously owned by PolyVision we emphasis on continuing the same traditions and family values. Our company has evolved and we're currently growing and doing business across the border and Europe. Expanding into new territories is nothing new to Nelson Adams and is slowly becoming a household name. At Nelson Adams our products meet the needs of today's multipurpose room functions, whether they be cafeteria rooms, classrooms, conference rooms or gyms. We have the product that best suits your needs, by providing industry leading seat design and customizable options, our tables provide maximum seating capacity with minimum storage space and our visual display board's selection provides a product with the highest quality in manufacturing today. Nelson Adams manufactures all table and bench parts and a numerous of other parts for some of our products that require precision engineering. We use the latest technology such as: laser cutters, CNC routers, precision benders, powder-coat conveyor system and lamination machines to increase productivity.